7 people standing in a V, middle person has arms crossed. Text overlayed on top that reads "Find the strength. Find your voice"


“I feel good about myself when I can go out on calls to support victims. I feel that I have gotten as much out of my experience with VCAO as I have given. Volunteering has filled a hole I never knew existed. Every time I leave TBAVS I feel I have done something meaningful and good, served a purpose.”

- Thunder Bay and Area Victim Services Volunteer

“It keeps me in touch with community services and members. I feel like a positive contributing member of the Thunder Bay Community and am happy I can be involved in bettering a life. Acting as a member of the Board has taught me how to respond to a variety of situations. It has provided me with leadership experience which has proven helpful at TBAVS and in my day-to-day life.”

- Member of Board of Directors

“I enjoy being a part of such a great group, helping people when they need it most. Acting as a first responder has taught me to deal with stressful situations in a calm and compassionate manner. It has taught me even on my darkest days things can be worse and to appreciate the little things in life.”

- Dispatch Volunteer

“Thunder Bay and Area Victim Services helped me breathe again. When I needed it most I had a shoulder to lean on, I am forever grateful to them. Knowing I could pick up the phone and talk to someone whenever I needed it lifted the weight a little. I felt like I could finally tell someone how I felt and what I was going through without worrying about judgment or shame.”

- Assault Victim

Programs & Services


Thunder Bay & Area Victim Services is a non-profit organization. We graciously accept community support from volunteers and donations from the community.
Online donations can be made via Canada Helps. It’s safe. It’s secure. It’s simple.